Community payroll

Bright summer sky and squirrels with cropped tails.

“Hello, how are you?” from the lady on the street in Chinatown… context… context… oh yeah, from the Vietnamese restaurant.

“Rebecca, Camila’s looking for you,” says Getnet at CSI. “She’s calling this line if you want to take it here,” says Amelia, who I haven’t actually met yet, but this is a good opportunity for an introduction.

“Rebecca, have you heard of Potluck House?” asks Colleen, knowing I am a foodie. She tells me all about it.

Email from Lynlee after dropping in while we were at work;
“Stella went out for a long pee and Artois came inside. Kitty went out just as I was leaving and I tried to explain that she would be out there all day, or at least until Mike gets home. Thus, it was an informed decision on her part.”

Arriving home Saturday my neighbour across the street says “Your cousin was here. I told her you were at the park.” (Drat – forgot about that visit!)

This sort of thing just doesn’t happen if you don’t have some kind of community. It’s all about relationships; brief ones, wishful ones, reciprocal ones, enjoyable ones, forgetful ones, all of them. Where did all these lovely people come from? I wish I could put them all on the payroll.

Maybe life is the payroll…