Since coming to Hamilton in 2008, Rebecca has played a leadership role in the development of the South Sherman Community Planning Team and launched the Heart of the Hammer Cafe. She is founding editor of the South Sherman HUB NEWS and is working on HoH 2.0, a centre for social enterprise. She often dreams about Chef Danielle’s fresh baked croissants.

This blog started here, and has had a few distinct phases since then. The first phase involved learning about asset-based community development in a residential setting and about the magic that collaboration creates in a shared professional space. Bouncing back and forth between the two was a fascinating experience: Same stuff, different uses. Is there somewhere that they intersect?

The second began with the Heart of the Hammer Cafe where a community came together to help create a business/space/hub that would in turn support the community activities. This was intense and emotional and enlightening learning about how many of the lines that we draw in society are artificial. Can we just erase them?

The third begins with evolution of the Heart of the Hammer from a cafe with projects in it to a project with a cafe in it. We’ll see where that goes.


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