Having a not so common name, I don’t have a lot of real life experience with other Rebeccas, much less Rebecca Dolls. When I was first introduced to Facebook it took me about a week to understand what was going on and I’d only just gotten used to it when I received a message from Rebecca Doll, entitled, “Rebecca Dolls of the World Unite!” The exclamation mark alarmed me.

This set me back about six days in my learning as I tried to puzzle out whether this was a real person, a Facebook program, or if somehow I myself had done this. I was finally brave enough to write back and discovered a twenty-year old in the UK who was searching Facebook for all of the Rebecca Dolls. This was a whole new perspective for me as until then, I’d thought I was the only one. This young explorer found about thirteen others, six of whom agreed to join her group. We are still Facebook friends and I have watched her get pets, get married, get jobs, vicariously learning about a different world than mine. Modern pen-pals I suppose, though the interaction is indirect.

Later, through my Google Alerts, I discovered two professional Women in the US, and I have notice that between the three of us, most Rebecca Doll urls are one of us. Though we don’t know each other, I feel a strange kinship. Do the John Smiths feel the same way about each other? There is another Rebecca Doll, the famous one, but she is made of porcelain. Because of her I get notifications like “Rebecca Doll for sale, cheap, cheap, cheap!” This one helps me not to take myself too seriously.

Somehow this feels like a metaphor for balancing personal identity with community identity, personal needs with collective needs. It makes me think about having the same passions, goals or spheres as others and about how we co-exist.

Really, we should all “Unite!”.


One thought on “Many-Me

  1. Good mornining all.

    When on facebook one should remember that all Rebbaca Dolls are not the same. A friend is a friend but an acquaintance is an acquaintance. there are predators out there. For myself I have only 4 friends on my facebook list but i’ve known them personally for years. To me a friend is a friend an acquaintance is an acquaintance.
    Your friend
    Fraser McBurney

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