I remember when computers used to say that all the time: searching… searching… and some little icon would be moving, indicating the passing of time and hopefully keeping us from bonking the machine on the head when we got impatient.

Today we had an Easter egg hunt in the neighbourhood. A lot of people came. In fact, there was almost nobody that I knew, which is refreshing. Makes the world feel bigger.

A local philanthropist donated 4000 eggs and my big worry was that we’d be combing the park till the wee hours cleaning up all the eggs that nobody found. In fact, there was a stampede about 7 minutes before the advertised start time, as soon as the first location was leaked, and most of the people had been satiated and were packing it in 7 minutes after that. The diehards searched for another twenty minutes and then the only thing to be found were people.

In the old school way of reckoning the event was a success, to judge by the numbers, but to me it felt more like a beginning. To me, the measure of success is what people get out of it, which is really hard to measure. Did they make new friends? Did they meet new people? Did they feel like pitching in next time around? A few did. Some folks with suggestions and skills are coming out to help with the next one and ideally, we’ll start planning for next Easter round about now.

I couldn’t help but think how we are all searching for more than just chocolate in this very busy world, but there is nothing like chocolate to catalyze that search. Maybe next year we’ll have a couple of things out there in plain sight, like a lemonade stand, to help us help each other to find what we’re looking for.


2 thoughts on “Searching…searching…

  1. Well congradulations to you and all the gang from the HAMMER.
    I like your idea of having a drink stand
    (coffee, colas hot chocolate lemon aid etc)
    It would be woderful if we could do it for free. BUT If we were to charge a reasonable rate and save the funds for another event .mighty Oaks from little seeds one never knows. see you soon.
    Fraser McBurney

  2. Great Post. I like the visual of the stampede. I think Fraser’s right – small fee for a quick cocoa, but a long conversation and neighbourly engagement.

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