Hippies and Cranks

There are still a lot of people believing that the Occupy movement is just a bunch of hippies and cranks. In fact, those folks sitting on cold concrete are sitting on the front lines of a civil war, and they are there for you and me.

There has been a lot of attention paid in recent years to our soldiers overseas, to their families, to acknowledging their sacrifices and expressing gratitude. It is something we don’t always think of. We need to think about the people who are suffering for our rights here at home too.

People are what’s important. Policies should serve the people. When they no longer serve the people, they need to be changed. The occupy movement is about changing a few basic laws to re-align our finance and governance systems so that it is a fair playing field for everyone.

This is not a fight between Joe Jobber and Marty Millionaire. There will always be people who surpass others, whether it is at making money, playing soccer or singing opera. But right now the deck is stacked in Marty’s favour, and really, if he’s that good, he should be able to succeed on an level playing field too.

We all act in our own self-interest. I think that instinct helps to keep us alive. Many self-aware people might go so far as to admit that if  they were sitting on top of a system that was tilted in their favour, then they might well favour the status quo too.

That the system is tilted, we all feel. Even though you feel the tilt, does that mean you want to go sit on cold concrete to change the system? Probably no more than you want to join the army. But that tilt is bad for all 100% of us, and the Occupiers are trying to do something about it. I’m guessing they have already tried everything else before camping out on the street. Wouldn’t you?

There is something we can do without being on the front lines. Keep your mind and heart open. Honour the people who are sitting on the concrete, collating information, innovating solutions, communicating with the world, co-creating a new system that you and I will benefit from even if we don’t wear placards. Honour them even if they are hippies and cranks, because historically they are the ones who show us the way.

This is not just a US civil war, but a global transformation. It isn’t going to end. It doesn’t have to be violent. As far as I can see, the violence isn’t coming from the 99%. There are much better ways, but as you can imagine, they require communications. Don’t let yours be muffled.

The biggest news of the decade (that you probably haven’t heard) is how Iceland just went through the same thing, successfully, and came out with a new financial system, a new government and a new lease on life. You can bet it wasn’t easy.

In the US there is already an online movement that is working on re-drafting the relevant laws/policies/procedures that would fix things, but I have lost the link. If you have it, please pass it along. If you understand laws and money and want to be part of that, please do: the beauty of democracy is the many-flavoured voice that emerges.

I have not seen those efforts yet in Canada, but we need work people. We need an open, collaborative discussion about how to fix the system. If you have not yet watched this slide show to understand specifically how it is broken here in Canada, do it. It starts with our monetary system and ends with you saying “In Canada!?” We have such and interesting low/high self-esteem complex here. If I was Marty Canada, seeing the writing on the wall down south, I’d stash a little nest egg somewhere and say “ok, ok, let’s rewrite the rules”.

Resist the temptation to think that this movement is all nonsense that will blow over, or that it is all stupid people who should have known better or who took risks you wouldn’t take. Think of Iceland.

This is the most important thing happening in the world right now. We all need to start voicing our thoughts. We need to be part of our own future. And if you are in office representing people, or are thinking of doing so, remember that people are what’s important.


3 thoughts on “Hippies and Cranks

  1. If the pot heads would stop smoking and join the Tea Party they could change the government spending $$$ and get out of our lives Stop the { illegal immagrates ) Canada does not have the problem that the U.S.has when the Democrates and Clinton did away with the Glass Spegal Act that curtailed the abusses of the U.S. banking et al costing the paying public to pay for thier mistakes and crimes The Glass Spegal Act was set up after the great depression of the 30s to rain in the banking and investment industries
    a little note about the difference between the pot heads and the Tea Party The Tea Party left thier demotration site clean as a whistle the Occupiers left thier site in shambles leaving the poor tax payers to clean up
    You decide what visitors you would like to entertain The Tea Party People had all the permits the medical personel and no one was shot or stabbed there was no dugg smoking and children were welcomed they were gone by 5 mainly because they had families to care fore and jobs to do.

    The Occupiers have lost thier message and most of them are give me I want people
    By the way did you catch the expossay on Sun TV when they went to the occuppier’s tents at night they were empty I guess a warm bed at thier patents house was not worth the point
    Fraser McBurney

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