World Class

Sometimes a person is so good at what they do that they make it look easy to the rest of us. Makes us want to do it too.

When Glenn Lowson first discovered the Heart of the Hammer not long after it opened, he caughtoned on fairly quickly to the whole people-oriented thing and so he paid it forward. He bought a coffee for the next person to come in after him. But then, that person did too! And so did the next and so on. This lasted for seventeen days until someone said “Wow! Thanks!” and enjoyed a coffee on Glenn. So he bought another coffee and paid it forward.

Eventually I made my way to Glenn’s website and the first thing I checked out were the celebrity photos, but you know, we’re used to seeing good photos of celebrities, so this mostly spoke to me of access rather than ability.  Then I looked at the Education and the Business photos and I started to appreciate the skill and talent in the photos. The artistic quality. The art direction as well as execution.

That’s when I started to call him our Big Time Photographer. To tell you the truth, I was a little surprised that he lived down the street. But then, I started to meet all sorts of talented people who lived down the street.

When Glenn started working on his Heart of the Hammer exhibit, and then his yet-to-be-exhibited Hammer Heads, I came to appreciate his particular skill with lighting. And then, there’s his bed-side manner. Watching him take so many portraits at the cafe I saw subject after subject blossom in the warmth of his light and the care of his attentions and I came to see how he managed to get such great photos, even out of celebrities.

Lately, Glenn has taken some World Class photos for our neighbourhood newspaper, the South Sherman Hub News, and in the process put up with our (ok, my) inexperience graciously, giving the effort the same skill and attention that is evident in all of his work. Perhaps it is for this reason that we now call him our World Class Photographer.

Or perhaps it’s because he really is the best darn photographer the discipline has ever seen.


5 thoughts on “World Class

  1. Glenn is quite simply a magician with a camera. I know of no other photographer able to capture the interior through the exterior; his work is magic.

  2. Glenn’s photos are beautiful and he is a very warm and kind man. I normally hate having my photo taken, but when he took my photo in the cafe, I was completely relaxed. He made me feel like a model, for a few minutes anyway!

  3. Not only is Glen a world class photographer He is a world class gentleman and a pleasure to be with. We at the Hammer should name him
    ” the Gentleman Photographer ” Now Glen you can pass away knowing what people think of you, lucky man.

  4. I agree with Julie I have only recently let people take my picture, my husband hates it, and it got him to do it too. I love the photos, and the one’s of my freinds. He shared these photos with the subjects, and with all of us who were lucky enough to see them. He is a kind and generous man.

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