Heart of the Hammer Cafe is moving!

The Heart of the Hammer Cafe is moving! You heard it here first. Sort of.

September 16th will be the last day in our King Street location, our first home, aka the Heart of the Hammer. We’re expanding into a Centre for Social Enterprise – Ottawa Street, here we come. Re-opening sometime soon; post renos, post permits. In the mean time we’ve got lots of art and music and neighbours so drop in to celebrate. (PS: new hours Tues-Fri 9am-9pm, later on music nights. Closed Sat-Sun-Mon)

Big organizations don’t like to tell people when their jobs are ending because productivity wanes.  I’ll tell you, now that the end is nigh, I have become the laziest barista ever.

When you place your order, be sure that you are also standing on the other side of the counter so that you can take it down. If nothing comes out of the grinder, it is probably not the machine’s fault: lift lid, add beans, grind away. If you can’t figure out the cash register, just leave the money in the tip jar. If you wash the dishes while you’re at it, the coffee is on the house. If you mop the floors, I’ll kiss you. If I don’t notice that you’re here, poke me on the way out.

My head is way far in the future. See you there!