When I was 11 I ran away from home and walked around downtown Guelph until after dark. This was pretty radical and I was sure I would get in trouble but it seems like no one noticed. Go figure, seven kids.

When I was fifteen I used to run away from home and sleep on the rocks at the Beach. No one noticed I was gone and though I spent the nights worrying about bugs and drunks and high tides I was pretty well hidden and enjoyed being alone.

When I was 28 and felt like I’d been looking after other people too long I took great big pieces of chalk and wrote all over the walls “How come nobody ever feeds ME?” I’m not sure this accomplished anything, though it may have spawned the chalk mural that became a feature of the apartment.

Last Thursday when I was uptomyeyeballs in unsolvable problems and ready to snap I left the cafe in the care of the neighbourhood and ran away again. I didn’t get far actually but I enjoyed being alone and able to think and sleep and relax and get a few things done. And I came back with some clarity and some direction that might lead to solutions.

And in my absence neighbours looked after the cafe and cleaned and shopped and entertained each other. We may not have a lot of staff, but we have a really big team. And somehow this feels like progress.


3 thoughts on “Runnaway

  1. As you know Rebecca I never make a comment unless I have a soluton. Over the short tme you have been in business The Hammer is our home away from home. The place where we run away to.
    It’s not unusal to want to escape to a quiter place, and know, we would all like to take off to a tropical island for a week or year or two.
    As we care for you as you care for others here is the solution. Get one of those big gallon beer bottles cut a hole in the top and let your friends and cusomers drop a loonie or a toonie in to it. The next tme you have to escape grab the Hammer that will be next to it and take a swing. Gather up the coinage and make like the birds and flock off. The jug shoud hold about a $1,000.00 and that would make a nice weekend or maybe a week. Just call me and I’ll get you the deal.
    Fraser McBurney

  2. For what it’s worth, I had a great time helping run the place last Friday, and would be happy to do it again sometime!

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