New-School Business Model

The new-school business model that is emerging is evolving a different set of values than the old-school businessmen possess. I can see a clear line between the old-school way of doing things and the path that certain new entrepreneurs are forging. I think the new-school way could be summed up as “creating value for others” a notion I first came across through the literature of Dan Sullivan, the Strategic Coach.

Here are some of my observations on how new-school works:

  • These entrepreneurs have communities, not markets
  • They are building relationships, not looking for transactions
  • Because these relationships are sincere, they don’t need weird gimmicks to get people to come back
  • They are looking for win-win-win opportunities, for instance between me, my suppliers and my customers
  • They take pride in what they are selling and value the patronage of their customers

I come into contact with old-school business people who would never eat the food they sell, don’t respect the people who buy it and think that scamming someone makes them a good businessman. When I meet them, all I can think of is how fast can I get away from this influence.

I think new-school is the way of the future and though we have not reached a critical mass, we will.

And along the way we have quality food and good company to sustain us.


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