The Law of Attraction

My mother used ot eat Joe-Louis’, frozen Sarah Lee Cherry Cheese Cakes, instant coffee with hot water straight from the tap. Had to have the coffee as she told us to never start drinking it, that it would leach the calcium from our bones.

As a kid I developed a theory that our bodies want vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc., but that it craves these nutrients in the most likely form, in the form of the thing you are most likely to eat; Joe Louis’, frozen Sarah Lee Cherry Cheese Cakes… If only we all had a Chef Danielle it wouldn’t take long to get our bodies craving Corn Chowder and Fresh Green Pea Soup, to say nothing of divine crepes. But how do we as a society, as a community help each other to do this? To access our inner Chef Danielle?

If you watch something like What the Bleep Do We Know, you’ll see scientists talk about social cravings, or addictions and how your brain gets trained to accept certain patterns more readily than others; rejection more than acceptance, anger more than joy, if that is what you get used to or are trained on. Because these receptors exist, they want what they want.

But if you watch the thing fifty times you come to understand that you can reprogram those neural pathways and receptors, retrain them to accept love and kindness and joy instead.

But really, how many of us are able to reprogram ourselves? Who are the Chef Danielles’ of our community with the fabulous recipes and know how to make it so?

And how do I get one?


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