Something’s missing. Could we please put it back?

The joy of learning is missing from our world. You hear new parents talk about it, for about five minutes. You hear teachers talk about it being the reason they went into teaching. But then the goals change. It’s not about learning, it’s about memorizing. It’s not about enjoying the outing, it’s about getting there on time.

Watching five-year old Ivan is like a Calvin and Hobbes come to life. “Ah!” He says, slapping himself on the head, “I’m going to send an email to myself!” and before our laughter subsides he screams “Hey!’ as he springs back from the lap top, face agog, “I just got an email from myself!”

That learning of cause-and-effect is so magical in the moment, so joyous and valuable. As we grow, try to fit in, we go around pretending that we already know everything, each cause-and-effect learning like a failure instead of a success. The joy of learning – about things, about life, about each other – is missing.

Could we please put it back?


3 thoughts on “Something’s missing. Could we please put it back?

  1. I learned that it is easier to enjoy and finish my coffee in the car, while the kids are still buckled in. I learned that sticking to a routine allows my kids to enjoy their day better. I learned that if I don’t respond to my baby’s every yelp, he learns to sleep better. I learned a new skill at work, and despite my apprehension, I can do it.

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