I Wish

I wish that the world was just the way it is, except that we all believed that we chose to be here. I believe this outlook would make us more proactive, less susceptible to defeat.

I wish we were all better aware of our special powers, able to harness them; your ability to motivate people, her ability to analyze, his ability to explain…

I wish that our world valued differences more and that these special abilities were cultivated, that we were encouraged to explore, to become all that we can be.

I wish that our sense of normal wasn’t so quick to adapt; that we might remain surprised at the rising of the sun and delighted by a thunder storm. That we could share this surprise and delight with each other.

I wish that all of our jobs were seasonal, that we all got to hibernate for the winter, to dream, come out in the spring with new ideas and new energy.

I wish that we all wanted this cause then it would surely be real and we could wish for whatever comes next.


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