Kids are a Gas

Sam Falzone says that kids are a gas. He means that they expand to fill the space they occupy. The analogy continues that teenagers are liquid: fluid and changing. And adults? Adults are solid, hardened in their outlook, firm in their beliefs.

Constantly berated to get real, to be in the here and now, to be rational, our hearts follow that same devolution. Once able to encompass a whole room with limitless affection, we become increasingly selective to finally wonder why we are lonely, alone, after having closed ourselves off from everyone.

We call it different things, like set in our ways, but it comes down to a relentless path to isolation. We are better than some and others are better than us and finally there is no one just like us. We are alone.

The only solution I can see is to embrace diversity without reserve.

Expand to fill the room you occupy.


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