Fraser calls himself the only right-wing idealogue in a neighbourhood of socialists. He says he only started using the word socialist because his ex wife told him that he was offending too many people by calling them communists. Fraser fixes and sells gadgets down the block.

Fraser has a lot to say about government and immigration and business and history and citizenship and patriotism. His political platform is one he calls anti-incumbentism. He also has a lot to say about world travel. For a guy who claims to be against just about everything around him, he sure does help a lot of the people on the wrong side of his arguments.

On Friday mornings Fraser buys a couple extra cups of coffee and shares them with people on the street. Like Park Bench Lady. He sits and chats with her for a good long time.

Fraser is a magnet for teenagers, partly because he fixes and sells the kind of gadgets they like, and partly because he talks to them like they’re real people. Fraser talks to everyone like they are real people.

He goes to the high school football practices and gives them workout tips. He cooks for the 5 year old on her birthday and brings her mom out for Music Night. He keeps us all up-to-date on the specials at the grocery stores. He offers a Travel Tips Seminar at the cafe. Fraser knows how to travel in style, how to do it for less than you’d think, and what sort of things to prioritize in order to really make the most of your future lifetime memories.

Fraser doesn’t seem to hold it against me that I often try to steer the conversation AWAY from his favourite rants and I don’t hold it against him that he keeps trying.

Fraser knows the secret that the rest of us are trying to find: People are what’s important.


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