Park Bench Lady

We see her almost every day, Stella and I. I say good morning just because. For ten months she didn’t answer. Then a little while ago she answered. “Good morning.”

Last week, I could see as I approached, that she was looking at me, anticipating it.

“Good morning.” “Good morning.”

And today, she said it first.

With a smile.

l don’t know what it means, but now I am looking forward to it.


5 thoughts on “Park Bench Lady

  1. You are sowing a seed of hope into her life each time you acknowledge her with a pleasant greeting, or a smile, and offering her dignity which is a gift most precious. My belief is that random acts of kindness make the world a better place, pass it on! That is what you do each day. Blessings.

    • Wanted to add one quick note, this story made me remember a song by Joshua Kadison that I love, called “Invisible man” (Painted Desert Serenade) – ‘Grooveshark it’ and take a listen. Sometimes we just need to be ‘seen’, by someone. Happy weekend everyone.

  2. I live in a small-ish, redneck-ish town and we have one – yep, one – homeless person; a woman. She wanders about town with her trundle buggy, her perpetual beverage in her ‘to-go’ cup, and her “FARMERS FEED PEOPLE” badge. I live on the main street, so I probably see her trundling back and forth more than most here in town. I always say hello, though. And so do my kids. One evening this past summer, about 10 pm, there was a persistent knock at my front door….the front door! We NEVER use the front door. I tried to ignore it – but the knocking was so insistent, persistent. So, I answered the door. It was trundle buddy lady. She stopped and knocked, she said, because she just had to tell me how happy my garden made her. Amazing, eh? She has no home and my garden makes her happy…..there’s a lesson here.

    Sermon over.

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