Thanks, giving

Thank you family for giving me so much support, even though I am an absentee Rebecca lately.

Thank you new friends and old for making me feel like I like being me.

Thank you neighbours for giving everything from appliances to furniture, from talent to time, from tips to trips and from laughs to lessons-learned to help make a go of our cafe. I still can’t get over the day the jam cupboard collapsed crashing all the fancy tea cups and before I knew it more arrived.

Thank you Hamilton for giving your all. You are the most givingest city on the planet

Thank you people of Hamilton for the very exciting arts and innovation renaissance that is happening; there is no where I’d rather be right now.

Thank you neighbours for giving me so many new skills like how to make jewellery; how to work together without any of us having job descriptions; how to do dishes without so much complaining…

Thank you Hamilton for giving such great weather. I love it all and I so love that you are in the Banana Belt.

Thank you Tonja Surman and the whole team for giving the world CSI.

Thank you David Derbyshire for giving our neighbourhood a vision of what we can build if we work together, and to the organizations who support the effort.

Thank you social entrepreneurs for inventing and implementing solutions that brighten people’s lives.

Thank you lightning rods everywhere for taking one for the team. You give the rest of us a chance to get important work done.

Thank you Janice and Sandy for giving us such great examples. Never were two friends better matched.

Thank you Quebec for giving us such great bread and cheese. Wish you could move a little closer.

Thank you Stella, for giving so much of yourself to so many.

Thank you Charlie for giving me a car. Nothing gives me a sense of freedom like having my own wheels. (Sorry environment!)

Thank you talented musicians and artists for giving our neighbourhood a chance to enjoy your art. It all comes together on music night.

Thank you all the people I owe money to for giving me the chance to make some (soon! I promise!)

Thanks to so many for giving so much.


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