Alone Together

What I like about going down to the lake is that I can be immersed in all of the elements at once. I can feel my energy going straight down into the earth, who knows how deep; I can feel it stretching on the wind as far as I can imagine, feel the pull of the water wrapping me up, and on special days, the lightning sears the sky and sings to my nerve endings about the beginning of time.

I feel like we are all connected through these energies, through these elements and through time. I have this idea that the energy is sort of physical, and finite and that when you travel by a means that is not under your own power, your energy can’t keep up, can’t stretch that far. I think of the drain of jet-lag versus the stimulation of canoeing, or cycling.

I feel as if you and I are connected, secretly, underground by that earthy energy, the way the quaking aspen trees in Utah are connected (are actually one living organism), and not so secretly, through the air, by our thoughts. And smiles. And what on earth do we call the energy that travels from your eyes to mine? Science and sci-fi suggest that I can give you positive energy and that you can give it back, and that this is the ultimate win-win.

And yet, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we take take take and maybe that’s why I like to go to the lake alone. Sometimes we need to go back to our roots and revel in the energy from the earth and wind and fire and water.

Or maybe it’s not about being alone, maybe it’s about reconnecting with the whole.


7 thoughts on “Alone Together

  1. R,

    You have a wonderful way with words. I felt as if I was right there with you yet we’re an ocean apart. I used to go up to the lake in the winter to be alone. I’d wake up early, shovel the deck, run in the snow and still shower and have breakfast before 7. Sometimes you need to go within, or you go without. We generally do not listen to that inner voice. I miss the lake, the calm, the comfort. Maybe it’s time to return to the water. The ocean is only 30 mins down the road.

    I wish I had my quilt over here.

  2. Not to sound religious, but I feel the same way and always have even when I wasn’t a Christian. I learned that placing my trust in the one perfect man who lived on earth gave me and gives me those answers like yours that we all seek. He says seek and you shall find and gives inspirational words of wisdom to many more amazing mysteries to be revealed through the power that is realized through His Spirit that He left behind free for the taking for them who desire to learn and understand better…

  3. The aspen analogy is truly the way I feel about all living things, except the aspens are literally part of a garden, where as i feel we are all connect through some kind of spiritual garden. Where we all come from one source and eventually return to that source only to have the life cycle renew itself.

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