Goodbye Culture

Culture is the sum of all the little customs and habits practiced by a given group of people. I suppose we are cultivating a culture here at the cafe that is part conscious and deliberate and part organic and evolving.

Within a few visits most people become regulars and start to feel at home, invested. A funny thing happened between Henry and I today after his business meeting. One of his guests left early and as he said goodbye I looked up, since people generally do say good bye here, sort of like when they come to your house – it would be weird if they left without saying goodbye. (Well, unless they get up en-masse and storm out cause they don’t like what you said, but that’s another post!)

So as Henry’s guest said goodbye to him and I looked up and the guest was leaving and I realized that he wasn’t saying goodbye to me, which isn’t weird in this case cause he’s new, but it is unusual, and so there was Henry sitting on the sofa and me sitting at the table and both of us waving at each other even though neither of us was leaving, him waving to me on behalf of his friend and me waving back. And I guess we both realized what had happened. And it was funny.

And that’s when I realized that part of our cafe culture is that people say goodbye. And sometimes they drop in just to say hello.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Culture

  1. When “they get up en-masse and storm out cause they don’t like what you said”, you clearly said the wrong thing. Not good business sense if you’re looking for repeat customers or to retain customers. I guess they said good bye with their feet, too bad for the lost business.

    • Thanks for your feedback anonymous,
      Sometimes the cost of someone’s business, or friendship, is too high. I find my boundaries becoming clearer as I get older.

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