Solitary walks on the beach…

I heard this great joke and since I can’t tell jokes for beans it’s been rattling around in my head looking for an outlet. So this morning I’m walking on the beach trail with Stella the Wonder Dog, watching the movie of my life and oblivious to everything else and this morning’s episode is starring me; telling a great joke terrifically. And people are laughing. So I tell it again, just to make sure I got it right, and people laugh again. And I tell it again, just to make sure I really can do it and not only do the imaginary people in my imaginary movie laugh, so do I.

Then I perceive the three people speed walking past us giving me odd looks and I realize that I am laughing out loud and that they can’t see the movie in my head, didn’t hear the joke. And the best that I can come up with in that moment is to pat Stella on the head with another little forced chuckle and say “Good one, Stella!”

Be nice to the crazy lady in your neighbourhood; she just might be me.


5 thoughts on “Solitary walks on the beach…

  1. Ha ha! I see people talking to themselves all the time now. My initial reaction is always fright. “What if they’re nuts?!” “You never know what they’re going to do.” Then, I realize they’re plugged into their phone with a hands free devise. Occasionally though, they’re talking with their dogs.

  2. I laughed out loud to this…..I often find myself biting my cheek to keep my from laughing when it would be wildly inappropriate or just plain embarrassing. On the flip side, I cry just as easily.

  3. That’s funny! I thought I was the crazy lady in this neighbourhood!
    I’m always talking to myself or the dog. It is embarrasing to get caught though.

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