Home Sweet Home

Last week The Hair told me that she’d seen me on the street;

“I was driving by with my mom and I said, ‘look mom, there’s Rebecca!’ and she said ‘who’s Rebecca?’ and I said ‘she’s the owner of the Heart of the Hammer!'”

Tee-hee. I was featured in a celebrity sighting. While I think of it as my cafe I hadn’t actually considered it in terms of ownership. At this point I own a twenty-three thousand dollar debt and a sixteen hour work day – the lament of many a small business owner, it turns out.

This morning I waved at Jake as I got into the car. “Hey,” called one of the fellows he was talking to, “you’re the owner of the Heart of the Hammer!” And I realized; I’m not a celebrity, I’m a person in your neighbourhood. In our neighbourhood.

Am I home? Finally?

Good morning neighbourhood!


One thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. HoH is the heart of the community and as familar to many of us as our own homes. I can’t imagine Sunday mornings without my HoH family.

    Welcome home Rebecca!

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