It Takes a Community…

So I went to CSI on Sunday night to empty my office. I had been loosely hoping some magical solution to getting my things from there to here would appear, like a truck and big guys with muscles. And it did in a way, but it was Margaret and her daughter with a Van. Margaret proved herself most resourceful while I gestured in an empty helpless way about the fact that I couldn’t find the dolly. She is now Margaret the Marvelous.

There was a lot less to pack than I had imagined. As I transferred files from my beautiful four-drawer cube, circa 1920? I was panic stricken – “Oh nooooooo! These are the same damn files I have been carting around in boxes for 15 years! I am homeless again!!!” And for a minute, I couldn’t continue. I had brief flashes about squatters rights and “But you’re my family!! Surely I can just leave my stuff here in your attic till I’m all grown up!”

I told myself this was just my transient psyche, the result of too, too, too many moves. At the end of high school I realized that I had been to more schools than grades. I thought University would even the score but no such luck. When Mike (aka The Best) and I bought the Pink Palace in Montreal I told him, “This is my second-last move. Next time is into a custom-built house and we wont be taking the furniture.” So much for that. And my score is still many more addresses than years old.

But usually, you’re moving onward and upward. And as I sat having my own little Pity Party for One on a Sunday night while the rest of Canada watched as we went into overtime to become the most gold-winning nation on earth, I realized that I had moved out of CSI months ago.

I had come to CSI homeless, jobless and somewhat disillusioned about the state of our non-profit sector. Still believing in Saints and Heroes and Happily Ever Afters I wound up at CSI, aka Hero Central aka The League of Canadian Justice. Here I encountered values with which I resonated, examples aplenty that I can only hope to hold a candle to and opportunities galore; opportunities to learn, to fail, to invent and opportunities to practice being myself in a place that valued my me-ness. Now I have come away with vision and direction and energy and ideas and a network of Super Heroes to call upon when I have ideas for them. I have incubated.

It takes a community to raise a person and it takes a person to start a community. Thank you Tonya. Thank you CSI. I have cracked my shell and moved on to shrubbery and marble columns. Come see for yourself!

This is it! Heart of the Hammer is the red door on the left. What isn't in the photo is the little hand-made artisanal sign over the door. You'll see it when you get up real close. Best kept secret in town!


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