Powerful Mojo

I have this notion that I created the world. That my imagination continues to create, edit and modify the world as I inhabit and respond to it, as I grow, as I want new things.

And just as I created my world, so too did you create the world you live in, through your own desires and fears and goals.

This idea gets interesting when we acknowledge that we are both sharing the same world; that this place where your reality and mine overlap responds to my imagination as well as to yours. As I play with the idea I conclude that sometimes your vision is stronger than mine, so you get the green light or the good parking spot. Sometimes my vision is powerful indeed and people believe me and invest in the vision and it becomes real. Some people’s visions are so strong and communicated so well that we all get caught up in it and the world seems to change before our very eyes.

What if I could get people to believe in this idea? What could we do together with magic that powerful? What if this was my vision and I could find a way to communicate it so that enough people believed in and invested in it. Would it become true? Could something that most people believe to be impossible become a no-brainer in the future?

Oh, it’s happened plenty of times. You and I can both come up with examples. So why haven’t we as a species embraced this kind of magic?

I think that we are afraid of it. That we don’t really want to be in the driver’s seat all the time, be responsible for our choices, be the ones to decide what happens. I think we don’t always know what we want.

Sometimes it’s bad enough to want what we want, never mind having it happen.

Sometimes having something happen is bad enough, never mind realizing that we wanted it.

I envision life a bit like a Holo Deck or a global role-playing game where the rules are made up as we go. It might be that we come here to play this game, in spite of its hazards, for the emotion, the excitement, the adventure, the learning. It seems to me that however you phrase it, it always comes back to the same thing: the people. We play this game to be with the people. To build a community, to have someone to play with.

So maybe I didn’t exactly create the world, but I like to think I have a hand in creating World 2.0. And I like to think that you’ll come and play with me.


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