Community warms my heart… and I hope to warm your spirits!

The cafe is shaping up so nicely that I find I don’t want to leave at the end of the day. Now that the furniture is in, I have twice sunk into the window seat and fallen asleep after a day of painting, cleaning, meetings and schlepping things from home. Luckily my dog Stella wakes me up. She has been my constant companion during the set-up so I was dismayed to discover from the Public Health inspector that she wont be allowed to keep me company on the night shift in the cafe. There goes my erstwhile bouncer. Not everything is smooth or how I imagined it, but in a strange way, all the little bumps seem to be edging me each time into better directions.

I am amazed at how helpful and encouraging the people involved have been from the city planning office to the inspectors to the adjacent shops on King street. It’s like a whole new community that I belong to suddenly. It feels like a new language which previously I had been ignorant of and now I can understand what the people are saying. Now they are talking to me and not just around me.

I remember when I was looking after the kids and had become a bit, I don’t know, agoraphobic? At home I always felt like I should be out making more money, at work (Canada Post) I felt like I should be doing something more meaningful (school) and then at school I felt like I should be at home being leaderly or helpful. Meanwhile, I somehow lost the ability to communicate with grownups, to converse about anything other than what the kids were up to and I knew that wasn’t so interesting to my peers. I came to hate answering the phone and used to take a different route home from the subway every day so that I wouldn’t pass anyone I knew, like shop keepers and what not. I couldn’t figure out how to say hi to them if I wasn’t shopping.

Nowadays, I am quite happy to blah blah with people as I pass them, and surprised when I say “Hey, I’m opening a cafe around the corner” and they say, “Yeah, I heard, when are you opening?”. How great is that? People know me and I know them and they’re not afraid to say hi to me and I’m not afraid to say hi to them. And maybe they’ll all come in for a cappuccino or a Cameron’s and I won’t be weird about serving it to them.

So Bootcamp people, CSI people, family people. I haven’t forgotten you. Just got to open up shop so that I can spend the downtime on reading and writing and helping other people write. Of course, I am being scolded by the brothers for envisioning downtime in the cafe. “That’s your vision?! You’re supposed to envision line-ups and being unable to keep up with demand!” It’s true, I do hope there is demand, but I really am looking forward to the quiet times to doodle, day-dream or actually converse with the people who drop in then.

Maybe it will be you… Stay tuned for the Grand Opening!


4 thoughts on “Community warms my heart… and I hope to warm your spirits!

  1. So, looking forward to becoming “regulars” at “Heart of the Hammer” Rebecca! Just let us know if we can do anything to help. Congrats!!

  2. It’s really too bad Stella can’t stay. She would have been a great addition to the café! Maybe there is a loophole somewhere she can fit into…

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