In Praise of Praise

I admit, I get a little nervous when I send love notes to people. I know it isn’t cool. There’s nothing like a little aloof drama to keep people reaching, but I make it my mission to speak my truth as often as possible.

It doesn’t always work. If you’re doing an MBA you might as well wear a sign that says CONTAGIOUS. If you work somewhere with lifetime job security, where the only way to distinguish yourself is by stepping on others, you might as well lay down.

But, if you’re lucky enough to be self-employed, to be able to choose your colleagues and clients, it’s a whole new ball game. Just say it! When you see or hear something that’s great, mention it. Chances are you’ll surprise someone. If you’re lucky enough to work at a place like the CSI, you find that you are not alone. You find yourself with other people who see the good things and aren’t afraid to point it out, other people who send love notes.

I know it isn’t just here, but for sure it is still the minority of workplaces that people are happy, look forward to coming in and to being with each other. My sister works for The Strategic Coach, a Toronto-based coaching outfit serving the who’s-who of entrepreneurs and from what I hear, people have loved to come to work there for over fifteen years. I like to think that those entrepreneurs who have been through the Coach program have also gone back to their companies and changed things for the better; that they have employees who like the company they work for and enjoy being part of the team.

But it takes a sense of confidence and well being to tell other people what’s so great about them, and we don’t always have it all of the time. In the wrong place, among the wrong people, this kind of openness is taken as weakness, spells you out as a loser. Then, it takes a great deal of courage to be true to yourself much less speak it. So cheers to the positive people everywhere!

You know how I can tell that we have not even come close to critical mass? Cause it’s still such a surprise and delight to wake up and find a love note in your in-box. Thank you Colleen!

Oh for the day when we can take that sort of thing for granted!


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