I’m in Love with Seth Godin

You know what I like about Seth Godin? He seems to follow his own advice, even to the point of responding to overzealous fan-mail (some of you are familiar with my overzealous fan-mail).

If you aren’t following his blog, then you probably already have a vibrant, successful enterprise with more business than your wildest dreams could possibly accommodate. If you want to follow his blog, it’s real easy and it may give you and I something to talk about.  You’ll find it is a flood of instant gratification…

I confess, I haven’t read his book. (s). I feel like we’re still on a first date. You know, dragging out the anticipation a little. But one of these days I’ll go on a bender and read ’em all.

When I first got serious about making the Bootcamp a full-time gig, I thought I would go around and collect a Board of Advisors, much like Brian Scudamore did when he started 1-800-Got-Junk? But you know, I’m not really that formal. I like to grab my good examples where and how I find them, like, for instance, reading someone’s blog, or going to where they are.

So I find I do have a wealth of clever advisors, though they don’t all know that advising me is part of their job. Some I go to with specific questions. Some I have regular dates with to see what will happen. Some sit beside me at work. With others, I just keep my ears open really wide when they’re around.

I’m thinking Mr. Godin (ok, maybe we haven’t quite gotten to the first date part yet) is a well-rounded person with length and breadth and depth to his vision. I see he is offering great opportunities to non-profits at the moment and I wish I could send him some of the mission-driven organizations from CSI. So to them I say, brush up on your Godin toute-suite and apply.

I expect it will be a transformative experience and I hope you will kiss and tell afterwards.


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