For the love of Blog!

I am really loving this world of blogs.

I would like to say something clever about the blogger community or about how the internet brings us together in ways that are often overlooked when we bemoan the lack of facetime with loved ones, but who am I kidding? I just really love these blogs and admire the work of the people who are doing them. They are like street performers for the whole wide world (www? ha ha) and I want to make sure nobody misses them as they walk by – look here!

What I really like is:

  • When the blog is personal and literary as well as topical – like Jay Robb’s blog – rich reading; we learn something and we feel like we’re getting to know him.
  • When the blog is artistic as well as topical – like Homeless Man Speaks or The Sartorialist – where Philip Stern and Scott Schumann air poetic views of the world and we come to see things in a different way. They both have a delicate sense of the understated, or unspoken.
  • When the blog is about or for the audience – like Seth Godin’s Blog – which delivers almost daily new insights and ideas, not to mention the occasional reprimand. Seth Godin has that magical Seinfeldian ability to identify and name everyday things that we are oblivious to, empowering us to fix or embrace them.
  • When the blog is fascinating in that alien-voyeur kind of way – like Binary Bonsai – part machine, part grapefruit? Michael Heilemann lives in a different part of the world than I do, and I don’t mean Denmark, I mean, technology and the present. I don’t always know what he is talking about, but I’m guessing my subconscious does cause I keep going back for more.

Each of these blogs has a wry view of the world that I enjoy. They each have a unique way of giving us something that makes us want more, makes us check back regularly for updates, speaks to everyman and makes us feel individually identified at the same time. It is very gratifying to find that there IS something new each time I check back.

How great is our world that these people are putting things out there with us in mind? How great that we can access their wisdom, art, ingenuity without necessarily taking their classes, living on their street or being in their circle?

Could there be a better time to be an artist? A writer? A reader?


7 thoughts on “For the love of Blog!

  1. i wanna be a blogger you admire, rather than just related to! šŸ™‚ i guess i’d have to branch out of just writing on the subject of cats and birth. i think cat blanket was just a mini project. i haven’t written an entry in months. i think i’ll stick to being a follower unless i become inspired again.

  2. seth godin. letters from very tiny businesses (that’s us!) best words for me…

    so, don’t pretend you have a policy. just be human.

    thanks for directing me to that.

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