You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine

At its most enduring, Facebook is a self-updating address book, ensuring that you’ll never lose anyone again – unless they want to be lost. At its most exploited, it is a self-promotional tool, ensuring audiences access to what we offer. I had great fun with the status updates when I first discovered Facebook imagining that people were actually awaiting the daily dose. One of the people who continues to use the updates well is the stand-up comedian Aqua Marina. You can learn a lot, either about comedy or about self-marketing from a browse through her updates. But I wonder if it is real audience browsing any of our sites or is it an audience peopled with industry types; you watch my show I’ll watch yours?

Philip Stern says that Twitter is the new Google but I wonder if it is more like a new strain of brewers yeast; once it converts all the sweet stuff, you’re still just looking at 14%. It seems that Twitter is all about following people who have something to say, but I have this feeling that it is being over-populated by people with something to sell. We talk and talk and talk about online community but is it all just another sales channel? Is there anything community about it, or just a collision of adaptive sellers and the fabled insatiable consumers?

I heard a brief talk by Mike Nickerson who spoke about an alternative view of human economic activity in terms of having enough, in terms of each of us knowing when enough is enough and I wonder if we can? Would I know when enough is enough? If I knew when enough was enough, would I know when to stop writing? Good grief, when to stop talking? And if I did, would I then be able to say, ‘well, I have enough readers/customers now, I’ll choose to plateau the business here rather than ramp it up some more’? Would I find myself saying I have quite enough people in my life? I have enough ideas, enough love, enough time, enough life?

Clearly, even in the contemplation of enough, I don’t know when to stop…

If we did have a critical mass of the population who could recognize satisfaction when they had it, who embodied moderation not from restraint or lack of resources but from desire, would it not also be reflected online? Would its digital realm be a gated community, off limits to those whose penchant for excess is destructive to self and others? Would the very exclusivity of its nature make us want to join, conform, moderate our behaviour? Is that what they mean by a moderated chat room? No excessive language here please…

And how would we know when enough moderation is enough?


2 thoughts on “You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine

  1. Moderation through desire… now this is a new concept for me.

    I looove chocolate ice cream… now as my desire for it grows I should moderate my intake until at peak desire I eat none at all? … and when I have little interest I should eat vat fulls? This would see me emptying the food halls of broccoli..

    What would this concept do to the laws of economics… text books would need to be rewritten, professors with tenure would be unseated… celebrity economists would loose their status overnight.. philanthropists would not be able to give their money away… the US Fed would be no more and Ben Bernanke would be on the street without a job.

    Rebecca. I always thought you were a radical but you surpass even yourself..

    Or have I confused moderation with modulation?

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